Asbestos Encapsulation


For most homeowners, the minute they find out that asbestos is present in their home, the first thing they want to do is to have this toxic substance removed the soonest possible time.

And, in Vancouver, demolition of asbestos materials can be dealt with easily because of the abundance of asbestos removal companies.

But before you get in touch with the finest name in Vancouver for the demolition of asbestos, you might want to look into asbestos encapsulation first.

Asbestos encapsulation is an alternative to asbestos removal. It works by encapsulating or sealing the asbestos materials to ensure that no asbestos particles will float freely in the air and be in danger of being inhaled by people.

More and more people are considering asbestos encapsulation rather than automatically tearing down and removing the asbestos-filled parts of the house because of the many useful advantages of this process:

Asbestos encapsulation will definitely be a lot quicker to complete as compared to asbestos removal. Total removal of asbestos requires careful and meticulous demolition that can take a longer time to carry out.

Sealing of asbestos will also be less messy compared to demolition; and, let’s face it – a messy house under construction or demolition is simply stressful.

Asbestos encapsulation can effectively prevent scattering of asbestos particles as it seals in even the exposed parts of materials made with asbestos.

Asbestos Encapsulation

Asbestos disposal is not easy to handle. Almost everything from transporting to actual disposing of is strictly supervised and will require the proper permit. When you opt to go for asbestos encapsulation instead, you need not worry about asbestos disposal anymore.

More than just securing the asbestos material to a safe condition, asbestos encapsulation also serves as a shield for the asbestos material against disturbance caused by minor damages such as scratches.

Additionally, asbestos encapsulation prolongs the lifespan of the material and basically gives it a better, fresher appearance.