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Surrey Asbestos Removal

If you seek assistance in Surrey for asbestos removal and testing services, Vancouver Asbestos Removal is ready to help you.
We have a trained and skillful team of experts who take their jobs seriously, giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.
Why Choose Us?

Vancouver Asbestos Removal places health and safety compliance first by:

  • Being accredited to remove all types and forms of asbestos
  • Holding an unrestricted license to remove all asbestos products
  • Having the certification of Safety Management System
  • Having qualified and trained experts and project managers to oversee the asbestos removal operations

We aim to make the asbestos removal process easy for our clients. That is why we are providing our hassle-free services 24 hours a day. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate!

 Our services in Surrey 

  • Residential asbestos removal services
  • Commercial asbestos removal services
  • Residential asbestos testing services
  • Commercial asbestos testing services
  • Mold removal services
  • Demolition services
  • Cleanup services

Vancouver Asbestos Removal is the leading asbestos removal company of Vancouver, working from the last two decades. We are trusted and loved by the residents of Vancouver. Call us today at our number, and you will get a FREE quote!

●       Asbestos Testing
Years ago, asbestos was present in several products that humans used in their everyday life. Years later, it was clear that this material is harmful to our health.
There are still remnants of the matter in some old homes. The only way to know is if a certified tester collects samples for evaluation.
Our company comes to your aid with the proper equipment and the sole purpose of ridding your homes and workplace of this offensive material.

●       Asbestos Removal
After properly testing your property and household, Vancouver Asbestos Removal will use state-of-the-art equipment and remedy it.
Asbestos causes illnesses that can be detrimental to our health. That is why it is crucial to eliminate this hazardous material.

●       Mold Removal
From time to time, our residential and commercial places can have water damage of some sort. What comes next? The growth of mold can be harmful to your health.
Let us clean up the mold, so you are on your way to a cleaner environment.

●       Insulation Removal
No matter what has happened to your insulation, Vancouver Asbestos Removal will clean up your insulation mess. 

●       Demolition Services
Are you looking to complete renovations in your home or office? Contact Vancouver Asbestos Removal today to schedule for us to come over and help with the demolition.
We will take down whatever you need and promptly haul away.

●       Clean-up
We will come to your newly acquired property that suspects illegal operations and clean the place from top to bottom.
Some of these establishments can have mold growth or leftover residues that are not conducive to a proper living environment. At Vancouver Asbestos Removal, we pride ourselves on cleaning, taking away all the bad influences, and making your place whole again.

Contact us today at our number !PHON! and you will get a FREE estimate for our asbestos removal services in Vancouver.