Preventing Asbestos Exposure After Natural Disasters

Asbestos, prevent exposure

There might not be a law that directly states that you have to deal with asbestos before you tear down a house in Vancouver, however, it is highly recommended by the local government as well as contractors who work on house renovations or demolitions. Also the disposal areas have septic instructions that most be followed for safe and legal asbestos disposal.

If you tear down a house in Vancouver and have your property tested for asbestos, you can definitely prevent harmful exposure. But, demolitions and renovations are ordinarily planned – therefore, asbestos exposure under these circumstances is pretty minimal – but what if something unexpected and inevitable takes place that can tear down your home as well – such as natural disasters?

Forces of nature such as heavy winds, floods, and rain damage can be unpredictable. Most times, these forces are quite destructive that it will leave your property damaged. And just like demolition, a calamity-destroyed ceiling or wall can be equally dangerous if these parts of your home contain asbestos.

Asbestos, prevent exposure

Don’t worry, because even if you have not had your home tested for asbestos prior to a natural disaster, you can still prevent exposure to this toxic material.

Once an asbestos-filled portion of your house, such as a ceiling, is disturbed, its fibers can be released in the area. Therefore, you have to stay away from the damaged parts of your home that you suspect to have asbestos. If you can temporarily move to another house in the meantime, do it.

If parts of your home were ravaged by the natural disaster, if your roof has fallen off, for instance, the best thing for you to do is to NOT touch the material. Don’t go poking around the affected part of the house and if you are certain your house has asbestos, call the professionals to handle the job immediately.

It’s important to know where asbestos is likely to be found in your home so you know which parts to avoid while waiting for the experts. Asbestos is ordinarily found in homes built before the 1980s and is commonly found in: pipe insulation, tiles, roof shingles, popcorn ceilings, and cement. You can get asbestos testing done or if you already have a report contact a reputable asbestos removal company in Vancouver