How to Properly Dispose Asbestos

Dispose Asbestos

After having your commercial or residential property renovated or demolished, you have to take care of proper disposal of debris from the construction or demolition site.

Most wastes from any demolition site require special handling and are not simply treated the same way you would treat common, day to day household wastes.

This is not surprising at all, particularly because you can expect demolition or construction wastes to be typically sizable – but, aside from the size of this type of waste, there are also other reasons why specific kinds of demolition wastes, such as asbestos, are not to be left on the curbside for disposal.

The local government has strict rules and regulations when it comes to asbestos disposal in Vancouver. If you have hired a professional asbestos removal company to remove the asbestos for you, then the disposal of this material is not your responsibility anymore. Most of the time, the company itself will be responsible for your asbestos disposal in Vancouver.

However, if you have removed the asbestos yourself, you have to be mindful of the laws you have to comply with – otherwise, you would be subject for certain sanctions by the local government.


Dispose Asbestos Vancouver

In Vancouver, for example, it is illegal to simply transport asbestos without a license. So before you go around the city carrying asbestos in your vehicle, you have to secure a license first.

To be properly disposed of, asbestos should be dropped off at the landfill. But prior to dropping off your asbestos, you have to be aware of the set requirements such as the landfill will only accept up to ten bags of asbestos, and will only accept properly wrapped asbestos wastes. There are specific standards on the proper wrapping of asbestos waste, depending on its type. For instance, asbestos insulation should be wet before wrapping. Also, there is a standard thickness of garbage bag required for you to use in wrapping asbestos.

So, before you go ahead and attempt to dispose of asbestos yourself, you have to find out all the conditions by the local government; or better yet, hire professionals to do the job on your behalf.